Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen

I finished Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard earlier this week and I, like the rest of the known ‘verse, loved it! It had action, magic, romance, intrigue, and awesome (pretty) relatable and refreshing characters, all tied together in an epic plot. Albeit, the mystery and intrigue had me super anxious throughout the story, but maybe that’s just me (I get waaaay too wrapped up in my books sometimes….okay, most of the time).

Red Queen had a very Hunger-Games-meets-Game-of-Thrones feel to it (so if you liked those series, put RQ on your TBR list!). But, of course, that’s an over-simplification. While the general HG/GoT vibe was there, RQ was still very unique. The story takes place in a world divided by two types of people: “Silvers”, those with specialized magical abilities, who lord over “Reds”, those without magical abilities. The story follows Mare Barrow – a Red teen who, with limited means, helps her family get by the only way she knows how until an unfortunate series of events, desperation, and a chance (fateful?) encounter steal her from her world and plunge her into one that she’s just barely glimpsed. In order to stay alive and, hopefully, make a difference, Mare must figure out whom to trust. Enter the aforementioned action, intrigue, romance, and awesomeness. (And did I mention anxiety?)

One of the many things I appreciated about RQ was that the choices made by the characters had (in my opinion) realistic consequences. The choices themselves were real too – not so much the perfect fairytale-esque type that I’ve come to expect from a lot of books. This was a nice (and stressful) change. The story moved at a good pace, too. Not too fast, not too slow.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but when I read, I like to try to solve the mysteries – to figure out the end game. (Too much Sherlock? ….no such thing!) I had three main theories while reading RQ and two of them were true. With that being said, Victoria Aveyard most definitely kept me on my toes; enough to trip me up – in a good way.

Overall, I’d give RQ a 4.5/5 stars. (Mainly cause I, personally, would have liked a little more romance). This is definitely a worthwhile read.

Check out the synopsis from Goodreads here (but beware of spoilers!)


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