Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


It’s been a little while (okay, more than a little while) since I finished Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard and I’m finally getting around to finishing this review. If you have yet to read Red Queen please tread carefully – I’ve done my best to avoid Book 1 spoilers, but this is Book 2 and you don’t necessarily have to be Sherlock or even Watson to intuit Book 1 events based upon what I say in this Book 2 review. Have I confused you yet? No? Yes? Good! On we march!


Young Adult Fantasy = intrigue, suspense, action, romance, and MAGIC!

Intended Audience

Anyone who loves YA – there’s no age-limit, folks!


In Glass Sword, Book 2 of the Red Queen Series, the war wages on as Mare and company deal with the fallout resulting from the events of Red Queen. Mare is tested physically and emotionally as she sets out to find those with the abilities to tip the scales in the ongoing and increasing struggle between Reds and Silvers. She’s also being pursued by the new king, who may or may not be out for blood. Yeah, that’ll put a damper on her search party. Mare must decide yet again, whom she can trust – if she can trust at all – and what she is willing to do in order to win the war between Reds and Silvers (and basically save the world).


This story takes us to new places and new people. As our protagonists travel on their new mission we really get a sense of how big this world is. Can we get a map or something? Cause I’m sure that would look beautiful AND kickass!


We see lots of familiar faces (to avoid spoilers I won’t say who) and like I mentioned above, we get to meet new people. Yay new people! Or not yay…depends on whether or not you like these new characters. I have mixed feelings myself, but hey, that’s life! You get all sorts of different personalities and when you throw them in the middle of a revolution, tempers are bound to run high…while patience runs low.

What I Liked

Like its predecessor, I found Glass Sword to be chock-full of intrigue. Unlike its predecessor, I never really felt too sure about where this story would lead me – which I appreciated! … for the most part. Honestly, the Sherlockian side of me was a bit disgruntled that I couldn’t quite narrow down a clear hypothesis to work through, but oh well. It didn’t make the book any less enjoyable.

Back to those new characters I mentioned. New characters mean new powers. And wow – when they said “Red and Silver and stronger than both” they weren’t kidding. Sky’s the limit! Literally.

What I Liked a Little Less

I would have liked to see more romance in this book. Yes, there was some, but I thought there was way less than in Red Queen and I was already a tad disappointed with the romance level in that book. But, in its defense, Glass Sword is smack dab in the middle of war and revolution so in that sense I appreciated the realistic levels of canoodling. Yes, I said canoodling. Lastly, I thought the pacing was either too slow in some areas or too fast in others.


Overall, I’d give Glass Sword 4/5 stars. A worthwhile read for sure! If you’ve already read GS and/or don’t mind spoilers and would like to see my uncensored spoilery thoughts, hop on over to the Spoilery Reviews section of my blog.


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