Bookstagram Helper Elves


National Best Friends Day!

I’ve been waiting for the right time to post a special shout out to my Bookstagram Helper Elves and the perfect opportunity has finally presented itself – today is National Best Friends Day! 

My husband is not only my best friend, soulmate, playmate, love of my lives, and partner in crime all things mischievous, but he is also my heroic helper when it comes to taking pictures for my Bookstagram and Blog – specifically those nifty “from above” pictures that (I hope) you all like so much! And let me tell you, those are tough. For him. Not so much for me – I literally just lie on the bed while holding a book above my face. (I mean, sometimes the books are heavy?) But for him, taking these pictures involves standing on chairs, balancing precariously between said chair and the ceiling, and oftentimes defying gravity itself. And thank god he’s so good at it, cause if that camera fell on me, it’d hurt like hell.

I also shamelessly and tirelessly ask him to proofread my posts and give me feedback on my pictures and he does so with enthusiasm and without complaint. If he has a complaint, he’s wise enough to keep it to himself and/or to rely solely on disgruntled and exasperated facial expressions as communication, to which I respond with either puppy dog eyes, a not-so-bashful smile, or similarly disgruntled and exasperated expressions…or any combination therein – as you can imagine, I sometimes end up looking manic, but it works.

Minuit is also an honorary Helper Elf. You may have seen her in a lot a handful a smattering of one or two pictures. She helps out when she can when she feels like it and I don’t even have to bribe her with treats! I’m just kidding – the treats are a requirement; this girl doesn’t work for free. She clearly loves me very much. (Yes, I gave her treats before, during, and after attempting to take this picture.)

So thank you to my husband and our furry baby, for being your amazing, wonderful, loving (less so in Minuit’s case) selves!

How about you, my fellow bloggers? Does anyone help you take pictures or proofread posts? Tell me about it and be sure you let them know how much they’re appreciated 🙂 And in honor of National Best Friends Day, tell your friends you love them – or hate them…I don’t know what your relationships are like. Just do you!


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2 Responses to Bookstagram Helper Elves

  1. My husband does this for me too. He’s an editor by trade. Proofreading is his specialty. He also goes out with me to take photos and helps with composition. He’s the best!

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