Solutions for Cold Feet – Book Recommendation and Review


Solutions for Cold Feet

Written and Illustrated by Carey Sookocheff

Tundra Books / Hardcover / 48 Pages / Recommended for children ages 4-8

A big thank you to Penguin Random House Canada and Tundra Books for sending me Solutions for Cold Feet, written and illustrated by Carey Sookocheff! It follows a resourceful little girl and her adorable puppy companion as they try to make the best out of potentially problematic situations.

I also received these adorable socks that match the book 😀 How awesome is that?! Perfect for this Fall season!

What I Liked

The story delivered a few essential lessons that I think are important for young kids:

There is typically more than one solution to a problem,
  2. Try to make the best out of a negative situation,
  3. Things are always better with a dog. (Okay, okay – I’m kidding about that last one. ….Kinda.)

The illustrations were endearing and sweet, following a similar tonal coloring scheme throughout, that I personally found pretty soothing. I’m also a big fan of the full-page illustrations. That tends to win me over pretty quickly.

Overall Score

I’m giving Solutions for Cold Feet 4/5 stars! I most definitely recommend this book for kids, but perhaps more on the younger end of the 4-8 spectrum. Solutions for Cold Feet is on sale October 11, 2016.

Also! Don’t forget to check out The Word on the Street if you’re in the Toronto area this Saturday. I’ve heard there will be sock puppets!

September 25, 2016: The World on the Street, Harbourfront Centre, Sago Mini Children’s Activity Tent, Toronto, Ontario


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