Harry Potter Mystery Mail


Over the past few months, my husband and I have received anonymous Harry Potter-themed packages (snail mail, not owl post), culminating in a mystery that we had to solve 😆 

First, we received a handwritten letter from someone named Gladria, addressed to someone named Ann, as well as a black and white photo of an unknown woman, and a Hogwarts acceptance letter from Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black, which included a supplies list.


Alas, the Hogwarts letter wasn’t addressed to me personally, but rather a Gladria Grindelwald.

A couple weeks later, we got more mail, this time including a handwritten letter from Gladria to Ann and a medal of valor. The letter discussed Gellert Grindelwald and Gladria’s attempts to make a potion that could thwart Grindelwald’s evil machinations.


A few weeks after that, we received a package that included another handwritten letter speaking of the potion’s failure, two old photos, a potions recipe, the actual potion (complete with stand and severed finger!), and this nifty wand!




And lastly, a final overview letter arrived with questions to be answered – What really happened to Gladria?? The potion didn’t work, what went wrong??? If we needed more clues, we could go to wikipotter.com for hints and more info (which I did). Btw, that site was also created by the senders.


Eventually, we figured out who the letters were coming from, and yes, we have the BEST friends 😜 Although, I’ll admit that I may have been slightly creeped out when we got the first package 😅 (“But, D,” you ask. “How on earth can you be freaked out when receiving HP-themed anything??? Wouldn’t you be ecstatic?!”) A typical response, given by someone who has not watched as many scary movies as I have, would be a resounding yes. But I have watched and continue to watch LOTS of horror flix… so… yeah… Plus everyone we asked had said they hadn’t sent it (gotta keep the ruse going)… And there was a red stain on the front of the envelope. So while the majority of my brain (and my husband) said deliberate-ink-stain, the tiny part of my brain said BLOOD 😱!

Anyway, by the time we received the second package, we’d basically figured out the identities of the senders 😅 and that appeased the scary-movie-watching part of my psyche.

Turns out, our friends had seen that you could order a mystery box online and send it to people and they decided to just make their own personalized versions instead 😄 Well done, you guys! It’s abundantly clear that a lot of effort went into creating these materials and putting everything together and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed trying to solve the mystery. (Which we totally did! The key to the correct potion was a Fin. Ger – which is not, in fact a “finger”, but a Finnish Ger.)And everything looked incredibly authentic! The aged parchment, the wax seals, the black and white photos, the potion! Now I feel like our friends have spoiled us – when can we get more???


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