Mad Miss Mimic (Spoiler-Free)

IMG_1158Hey there, blogosphere! Long time no talk write! I’ve got a lot of spoiler-free book reviews coming your way in the next week, so stay tuned 😊

First up is Sarah Henstra‘s Mad Miss Mimic, which I received from the wonderful folks at Penguin Canada (thank you, thank you! 💕). Read on for my spoiler-free thoughts! 

Fiction, Mystery, and Romance, with a Sherlockian vibe.

Intended Audience
Anyone who enjoys historical fiction (Victorian London) and a good mystery 🙌

Overview (From Book)
London, 1872. Seventeen-year-old heiress Leonora Somerville is preparing to be presented to upper-class society – again. She’s strikingly beautiful and going to be very rich, but Leo has a problem money can’t solve. A curious speech disorder causes her to stutter but allows her to imitate other people’s voices flawlessly. Servants and ladies alike call her “Mad Miss Mimic” behind her back…and watch as Leo unintentionally scares off one potential husband after another.

London is also a city gripped by opium fever. Leo’s brother-in-law, Dr. Dewhurst, and his new business partner, Francis Thornfax, are front-runners in the race to patent an injectible formula of the drug. Friendly, forthright, and devastatingly handsome, Thornfax seems immune to the gossip about Leo’s “madness.” But their courtship is endangered from the start. The mysterious Black Glove opium gang is setting off explosions across the city. The street urchins Dr. Dewhurst treats are dying of overdoses. And then there is Tom Rampling, the working-class boy Leo can’t seem to get off her mind.

As the violence closes in around her, Leo must find the links among the Black Glove’s attacks, Tom’s criminal past, the doctor’s dangerous cure, and Thornfax’s political ambitions. But first she must find her voice.

19th century London

Henstra has created an intriguing cast of characters, whose layers make for some interesting twists and turns as the story unfolds. Leo, in particular, was my favorite ❤️

What I Liked
MMM was a quick read with great writing and a very novel concept; I loved how Leo’s speech played into the story and her overall development and I really liked the way the relationships played out between each of the characters.

What I Liked A Little Less
There’s just two teensy-tiny things. As you know, I like romance in my reads. Like, A LOT of romance. And while MMM did have romance, the intrigue and mystery were definitely at the forefront. Which is all fine and dandy! After all, this is not, I repeat – is NOT – strictly a romance novel. It’s more of a mystery novel that has romance in it; so that doesn’t count against the book at all. I just would have preferred a little more romance is all. (I know, I know, “give me a break, D – jeez”). However, I also wasn’t overly fond of the way the romance was resolved, but I think we can chalk that up to personal preference as well.

Mad Miss Mimic gets 4/5 stars! It was well-written, fast-paced, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and its characters. Thanks so much for sending this to me, Penguin Canada! I’ll definitely be looking for more of Sarah Henstra’s books in the future ☺️


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