Summer on East End: Triple Moon (Spoiler-Free)

IMG_1421Have you seen Witches of East End? Ian and I watched it on Netflix last year and loved it. It’s based off of a 2011 novel by Melissa de la Cruz. I haven’t read it, but when I saw Summer on East End: Triple Moon at BookCon, I had to give it a try. It takes place in the same East End universe as the tv series…kinda. …It’s hard to explain. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Read on for my spoiler-free thoughts on Triple Moon

YA Fiction, Romance, Drama, Magic

Intended Audience
Fans of YA reads about magic and witches with serious sass and awesome powers.

Overview (From book)
After they cause a terrible accident at their old high school, twin witches Mardi and Molly Overbrook are sent to live with their “aunt” Ingrid Beauchamp in North Hampton, on Long Island’s mist-shrouded East End. Because the twins cannot control their powers, their father begs Ingrid to tame them over the summer, before the Witch Council exiles the girls to Limbo.

Trouble continues to bubble and boil when the girls meet the handsome and sexy Gardiner boys. But the pressure is on. As Ingrid helps the girls learn to control their magical impulses, Mardi and Molly realize they have just this summer to figure out how to grow up, how to be a family, and how to fall in love.

North Hampton, East End – sounds like a nice, small town, plus it’s close to the beach. Sign me up 🙌 If you’d like to get a feel for East End, watch a few episodes of the tv series; it won’t spoil anything if you decide to read Triple Moon.

Triple Moon follows twin sisters Mardi and Molly, while also featuring characters from the Witches of East End. Surprisingly (or maybe not, given how much I enjoyed the tv series), my fave character was a TM side character who was a main character in WoEE.

What I Liked
I really loved seeing characters from East End in this story. Watching the tv series is by no means a prerequisite, but it definitely made this particular story more enjoyable for me. I also liked the romance factor as well as the mystery and magic. Plus, as I mentioned above, I really liked the setting. I could definitely spend a summer or two at East End.

Also, at the end of TM there’s exclusive bonus content that ties up the ending of WoEE, which went off air in 2014 and ended with a killer cliffhanger. This extra content also ties TM with the characters/events of the tv series.

What I Liked a Little Less
Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get on board with Mardi and Molly as characters. They were almost too much to handle in terms of the aforementioned sass and this made it hard to read at times. As a result, I found myself skimming through certain parts of the story. There were also a few inconsistencies here and there, but they were mainly minor things like wardrobe discrepancies.

Summer on East End: Triple Moon gets 2.5/5 ✨ The things I liked weren’t enough to outweigh the things I didn’t. There’s a sequel to Triple MoonSummer on East End: Double Eclipse – but I don’t think I’ll be reading it. However, as always, just because I didn’t particularly care for it, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same way. Give it a read if you feel so inclined.




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