The Spirit of Imagination (Spoiler-Free)

IMG_1623A big thank you to S.A. Tawks for sending me her novella, The Spirit of Imagination, Book 1 in The Spirit Series! Read on for my spoiler-free review and be sure to check out S.A.’s Amazon page for TSOI, as well as Book 2, The Spirit of Pessimism, and other novellas/books. 

Contemporary, Fantasy, Adventure

Intended Audience
Everyone! There’s no age limit or specific age range for this novella 😊

Overview (From Goodreads)
What if you could bottle creative juices?

Emily Rainn is seeking employment. A career would be ideal but any job will suffice. She desperately wants a position that can transform her unutilised time into currency. Progressing to the next stage of one of her many job applications, Emily meets bestselling author John Crawford and the bygone writer offers her an opportunity far greater than any ordinary job or career.

Join Emily as she is introduced to the secret world of imagination and meet the men and women with differing ideas concerning the proper use of the spirit of imagination.

Has Emily been introduced to a marvelous, magical world or has she entered into something that is beyond her wildest imaginings?

Suspend disbelief and indulge yourself with a taste of The Spirit of Imagination.

TSOI takes its characters on adventures through various settings. Much of the novella takes place in John Crawford’s expansive manor, but S.A. also takes readers through fantastical dream sequences.

The story’s primary character is 19-year-old Emily Rainn, with mentor John Crawford following at a close second. They, along with John’s trusty butler Walter, formed an endearing team.

What I Liked
TSOI had a very interesting and unique premise and was also relatable in many ways, especially for an avid reader and aspiring writer like myself. It had a novel take on imagination and creativity; that certain something that keeps readers… well… reading. And yes, writers writing.

What I Liked a Little Less
While I liked the overall premise, I did think the writing was underdeveloped and could have benefited from more editing. It was often times detracting and, as a result, I found it difficult to engage in the story. It also felt, at times, like there was too much going on for a novella; it felt rushed and lacked captivating descriptors. If this same story was further developed into a full-length book, the major scenes, events, characters, and even dialogue could be enhanced and described in more detail, which would allow the story to truly shine and make everything more compelling.

All-in-all, I think The Spirit of Imagination has merit; but, unfortunately, I’d have to give it 1.5 out of 5 stars, based on my review criteria. As I stated above, the plot and premise were interesting, but the writing (which was my main hang-up) and portrayal of the story could be further improved.


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