BookCase.Club August 2017 Review

IMG_1680Here’s my August BookCase.Club unboxing! During my last review I told you guys that I’d be switching to a new theme, but it hasn’t taken effect yet – sorry! I put in the request a bit late. So this month I received another Kids-themed BookCase 🙌❤️ See below for the synopses of each book included and be sure to check out the BookCase.Club website. Each box is only $9.99 + shipping AND you can use my coupon code Bedtime15 for 15% off your purchase on any theme! 

Tobias, the Quig and the Rumplenut Tree, Written and Illustrated by Tim Robinson (Synopsis from Barnes & Noble)
Standing alone in a yard, a rumplenut tree sadly ponders its solitude, wishing for a bird to carry its rumplenuts beyond its shade so that new rumplenut seedlings can grow. And just over yonder roosts a splendiferous quig with gleaming feathers, all alone in a house, confined by a cage. It is up to the hero of this tale, a lad named Tobias, to embark on a very important mission – to bring the quig and the rumplenut tree together so that they each can live long into the future.

Disney’s Aladdin – Magical Story (Synopsis from Amazon)
Princess Jasmine must marry a prince, but when she meets a poor street urchin called Aladdin, she falls in love. Will the two ever be able to be together? Enjoy a classic Disney experience with this magical storybook.

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out – Forget This!, By Tracey West and Illustrated by RH Disney (Synopsis from Penguin Random House)
Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out takes you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen: the world inside the human mind. This new chapter book based on the film lets the reader decide how the story will end!

Thank you to the BookCase.Club team! I’m looking forward to the next box ☺️💕


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