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Welcome to my book blog! If the name is any indication, you’ve probably surmised that I like to read. (Okay, okay, you got me – I love to read). Here you can find spoiler-free reviews of books, and the occasional Bookstagram 101 tidbit, as well as looksies into the novels and bookish goodies that arrive in the monthly subscriptions boxes I’m signed up for (some of which I’m also a rep for, so be sure to look out for my coupon code for a discount!). Additionally, I have a few mug designs up on Society6, so check that out as well, if you feel so inclined 😋

And remember,

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse

There are no write answers 😉

Read on if you’d like to know a little bit more about yours truly 🙂

Favorite  Book Genre?

Fantasy! I love love love fantasy books! More often than not it’s Young Adult Fantasy. I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to enjoy this genre and that doesn’t bother me one bit. I kinda feel like I need to start exploring more genres, but it’s just so difficult – there are so many amazing YA Fantasy books out there! (I know, I know, there are lots of amazing books out there period. Discipline, D, discipline!)

Favorite Author?

Richelle Mead!!! Author of the Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Age of X, Georgina Kincaid, Dark Swan series, and many more! Her writing is funny, witty, imaginative, and super sexy. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several of her book signings and I can honestly say she is absolutely awesome. Her books may or may not have their very own shelf in my study…

Favorite Book Series?

Without a doubt – The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. These books are what got me into reading way back when in elementary school and they’ll always have a special place in my heart 🙂 I love that people are still discovering this series even now (almost 20 years later!). And yeah, like many others, I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. Should be any day now….pretty sure.

Favorite Book-to-Movie Adaptation?

Lord of the Rings! Blasphemous statement: I liked the movies more than I liked the books. Can you really blame me? Those movies were amaaaaaazing and absolutely beautiful. Embarrassing truth: my friends (you know who you are!) and I used to visit the LOTR website and hit the refresh button so we could hear the different actors introduce the site. My 20-something year old self forgives my teen self.

Favorite Movie Genre?

Horror – but not the gory kind. I’m a sucker for teen screams, slasher films, supernatural flicks, and monster movies. Although I get way more scared now than I used to. My scary movie endurance has definitely decreased with age 😦 But it’s probably for the best.

Last, but certainly not least – Why Do I Like Love To Read?

Reading is a great way to leave the world as we know it behind. We can go to Hogwarts and Middle-Earth, fight vampires and zombies (or befriend them!), travel through time and space, and on and on it goes! I mean come on – how can you not be super excited about that? As George R.R. Martin said, “a reader lives a thousand lives”. Truer words have never been spoken….or written.

Bonus Question! Favorite Animal?

Dogs!!! And puppies!!! And puppies and dogs!!! Clearly I’m a dog-person. However! My husband and I have a beautiful and adorable (and incredibly clever) black cat named Minuit (pronounced Min-wee and is French for Midnight) and we looooove her. Think a female Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. I grew up with dogs and my parents wouldn’t let us have a cat, so this is an entirely new experience for me and I’m lovin’ it 🙂 So far it’s just us and Minuit, but we’re thinking she’ll get a little puppy brother or sister in the not-so-distant future.







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6 Responses to About

  1. Valerie Barrgu says:

    Yay! I found another book blog! I have been practically stumbling around WordPress looking for more book blogs… I was driving myself crazy 😂

    But woo-hoo! I found you! And I am so excited because my blog started from a bookstagram account too. I’m looking forward to more from you 💙

    Lots of love,
    Valerie 🎆


    • Hi! Thanks so much for the comment 😀 Glad to have you here! I’m still searching for book blogs myself – I think I’ve got a long way to go haha. And yay, I love bookstagram! Such an awesome community and a great way to interact and talk to fellow book addicts haha.

      I’ll definitely check out your blog!


  2. rebeccaeyre says:

    I simply love Love LOVE your book blog. Especially the name of your page and the gorgeous photos. So creative, elegant, and sexy!! I can totally relate. Can’t tell you how many nights and days I lost (maybe even years) because of books. LOL. Really enjoyed every word of your blogs! Thank you! Keep up the good work!!


    • Hi! Thanks so much! 😀 I love hearing from fellow bloggers – especially since I’m so new to all this lol. Your words are super encouraging! And yes, it’s quite possible that years have been lost due to all the books haha but I maintain that we’re better off for having read so much 🙂

      I checked out your blog btw and it’s excellent! I’m a huge fan of romance!


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