All Things Nerdy

What’s one of the many ways we superfans like to express our love and admiration for the books, movies, and t.v. shows we adore? Goodies, of course! Whether it be a wand or time-turner, TARDIS or sonic screwdriver, or those awesome little Funko Pop!s 😆

A cool way to get said goodies (other than buying out Barnes & Noble and scouring Etsy, RedBubble, and Society6) are subscription boxes. I’ve loved what I’ve received so far. No regrets here! And subscription boxes are just ONE of the ways to get these nerdish goodies, btws. The internet is chock full of amazing businesses and organizations – a few of which are listed below 😉

I’m also a rep for a couple of these businesses, so keep an eye out for any promotional codes, sneak peeks, and/or new products as they become available!


Espionage Cosmetics

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Gather ’round, my fellow nerds! If you’re a fan of Nerd Cosmetics (a.k.a. Amazing geek-themed makeup, awesomely nerdy manicures, and more), you NEED to check out Espionage Cosmetics! 💕 I’m one of their new Nerd Makeup & Manicure Ambassadors* and I got a TON of cool stuff to try out and can’t wait to show you! Check out the slideshow above for photos (will be updated with each wrap I try) and be sure to keep an eye out for new looks on my Instagram (@BooksBeforeBedtime) 😆

And check out their website: Espionage Cosmetics

There are some super awesome nail wrap tutorials available here and here and nail wrap FAQs here.

AND! They also have a couple subscription boxes – Nexus OP and Boom!Box.

Stay tuned and stay nerdy! 🙃😉🖖

*Being a Nerd Makeup & Manicure Ambassador  means I received products  for free so that I can write reviews and share the love with all you wonderful folks 😊


BookCase.Club – Monthly Subscription Box


I’m a rep* for BookCase.Club – a monthly subscription box for book lovers! Just select a theme and choose a subscription term (month-to-month, or 3-, 6-, or 12-months). The themes include: thrill seekers, strange worlds, teenage dreams, read to me (children’s books), blind date, booking for love, quarterly cookbooks, and quarterly military history. Click on the links below to see what I’ve received so far 👍 Be sure to check out their website for more information and remember to use my coupon code Bedtime15 for 15% off any subscription!

*Being a rep means I receive books/boxes for free so that I can write reviews and tell the world about them 😊 It also allows me to share my coupon code with you so that you can get a discount on your purchase! PLEASE NOTE: My rep term has ended as of December 2017. Thank you all for following along with my unboxings during my time as a BookCase.Club rep!

















OwlCrate – Monthly YA Subscription Box


OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box that sends you new Young Adult (YA) books and related goodies. Each month has a different theme, which definitely keeps things exciting! I’ve found this to be a great way to step out of my reading comfort zone (what, there are genres other than fantasy???) and read books I might not have read otherwise. And, of course, there are the fantastic little (and big) knickknacks that come along with the books! Check out their website to learn more and see below for what I’ve received so far!


February 2016: Sci-Fi Love

March 2016: Writer’s Block

April 2016: Dystopia

May 2016: Steampunk

June 2016: Royalty

July 2016: Good vs. Evil

August 2016: Fast Times at YA High

September 2016: Darkness

October 2016: Once Upon A Dream

November 2016: Wonderland

December 2016: Epic


January 2017: Classic Remix

February 2017: Run Away With The Circus

March 2017: Sailors, Ships & Seas

April 2017: Head Over Heels