Book Signing – Richelle Mead, The Glittering Court


Last week I was able to attend Richelle Mead’s book signing event for her newest novel, The Glittering Court 😀 I’ve been to several of her signings before (cause I absolutely adore her books and writing style!) and each is such an awesome experience!

Mead talked about the book’s premise, answered questions, signed our books and took pictures with us. Each venue has its own rules when it comes to signings, and this one in particular allowed us to each have three books signed. So! If you have more than three books, they very kindly suggest that you bring a friend (or two or three) to help you carry your library **exaggerated wink** What??? **uncomfortable laughter** that’s not why I bring my husband… Hahaha…ha…….ha. (No really, he thoroughly enjoys Mead’s book signings. But yes, he helps me carry my books when I have more than three… And he helps me take pictures 😀 And I love him more everyday 😛 )

Here are some fun tidbits and info from the event 🙂


  • The Glittering Court is the first in a trilogy, but reads as a standalone novel. Mead clarified this for us, because apparently some reviewers were quick to point out what they thought were gaping plot holes. False, guys! These were actually carefully planted breadcrumbs for the additional two books! The three books will fit together like puzzle pieces.
  • The fact that they’re each standalone novels means you can read them in any order and everything will still make sense. Holy brilliance, Batman! Although, why would you want to do that? You want to read them all as soon as they come out! Look into my eyes **waves hands hypnotically, but with flare** You will read them as soon as they come out… Please and thank you.
  • Questions ranged from TGC plot points to writing advice. I love it when they’re varied like that! More information and painful teasers to take in. She gave us insight into The Glittering Court, told us a bit about how to plant hints in your stories in a natural and imperceptible way, and revealed that, unfortunately, the upcoming book in the Age of X series does not have a publisher which is why it has yet to be released. My heart! Come on, people! This series needs a publisher asap!
  • Mead revealed that she received a 60% on the Buzzfeed quiz “How well do you know the Vampire Academy”? Which, of course, we all thought was ironically hilarious. Go figure, right? I tried searching for the quiz online, but couldn’t find it 😦
  • I was brave enough to ask a question! 😀 Pretty sure my hand was shaking when I raised it though. My question was: of all the universes Mead’s created so far, which would she most want to live or exist in? She explained that she liked certain aspects of the Age of X series, like the education system – but the general gist in that universe was that the cons might outweigh the pros. She chose the Georgina Kincaid series instead with the wise advice that you should take care to not sell your soul 😉

We were also given an opportunity to take a picture with one of the necklaces used in the photoshoots for the series covers. An opportunity that I stupidly and completely forgot about, because I was so starstruck that Mead had complimented my hair that I hazily walked away grinning like a fool after I got her autograph in my copy of TGC. I didn’t remember the necklace until my husband and I were halfway down the freeway. Way to blow it, D 😦 **SIGH** Oh well. I got over it. Eventually.

And, last but certainly not least, the host venue – University Book Store – and its staff were very nice, accommodating, and patient. And, of course, very excited to have Mead there. Shout out to all the booksellers and organizers! Fantastic job, as usual, guys! You kept everything running smoothly and we diehard fans thank you for it 🙂