OwlCrate July 2016


July’s theme was something really special and unique for OwlCrate and its subscribers: Good vs. Evil! Everyone received either a “Good” box or an “Evil” box and it was completely random! …Or was it? **Insert best Dr. Evil face** …Just kidding – it was totally random 😛 Based on the above picture, it’s pretty obvious which box I got 😀 See below for descriptions of what spawned from my Evil OwlCrate. And if you’d like to see what was included in one of the Good boxes, I suggest hopping, skipping, jumping, running, really anything but walking, over to Instagram and searching in the #OwlCrate tag.

July’s Evil Box included:

An “Am I Not Merciful?” sticker from Illuminae by Alexis Lampley – definitely check her out on Instagram at @dropandgivemenerdy and @nerdy.post. Her designs and calligraphy are amaaahhzing!

An Evil Queen of Hearts magnetic bookmark a la Alice in Wonderland by JanesTinyThings. I gotta say, I’m loving all these magnetic book markers. We received a couple in last month’s box (plus I bought some for my blogging planner that I’ve been re-purposing for books 😀 )

A Dementor Funko Pop by Funko! This wonderfully creepy little guy is super detailed and I love him! But am also a little freaked out by him. Mission accomplished I guess?

One of my fave pieces of all time: a Death Star Necklace by VectorEngraving!!! They know how to speak to my fandom heart. A while back we received a TARDIS pin from Vector Engraving and now this Death Star??? You’re spoiling us, guys! (But don’t stop).

And, finally, the novel: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 😀 This is the second month in a row that OwlCrate included a book that was near the top of my Must Buy List – and I’m talking tied-for-first-or-second-place level books. The OwlCrate team has been very in tune with the latest and most anticipated releases. Well done, guys! As usual, the book included an author note, but I was also pleasantly surprised to find a signed nameplate and – wait for it… A mini-coloring book of YA covers!!! How cool is that?! The answer is: very cool!

Next month’s (or rather this month’s) box theme is Fast Times at YA High. Who’s excited? I am!