OwlCrate May 2016


May’s theme was Steampunk!

Yes, STEAMPUNK! How awesome is that?! (The correct answer is “Very flippin’ AWESOME!”) Read on to find out what cool treasures awaited us subscribers. And if you aren’t a subscriber yet – what are you waiting for? Look at what you’re missing out on!

The box included:

A lovely Infernal Devices ring by Sparks Emporium 😀 You can’t really tell from the picture, but the ring has a clockwork angel at its center, because of course!

Steampunk nail art by Espionage Cosmetics – I have yet to try these out, partially mainly because I’m scared of commitment. Whenever I do my nails, they get messed up within a couple days because the polish (and whatever) gets caught in my curly hair and chips off like there’s no tomorrow. True story. I just need to brace myself for the impending heartache…

A key pendant courtesy of Crystal Compass – which I actually have used (more than a few times) already. I love it! What can I say – it goes with everything 😉

A dragonfly steampunk broach by Elope Inc. which is absolutely gorgeous in its intricacy! (Other people received a steampunk key broach. I’m unsure if there were more than those two designs.)

A Peter Pan art print by Creative Daffodil, which goes perfectly with the novel we received-

Everland by Wendy Spinale! It’s a steampunk Peter Pan retelling that I can’t wait to dive into. This month is going to be a Peter Pan sort of month in terms of my TBR 😀

And to top it all off, we received steampunk tattoos, which you can kinda-sorta-not-really see on my wrist in the above picture. Trust me when I say it was spectacular. If they made permanent tattoos in gold ink, I’d totally get me some gears. …And a golden lily.

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