OwlCrate November 2016


What’s this? I’m actually doing an OwlCrate unboxing on time for once?! Hurray!

November’s theme was “Wonderland” – as in Alice in Wonderland. The novel we got in this box was the one I was hoping for; like, REALLY hoping for, ever since I learned of the theme. But more on that later. Check out the awesomeness below. (And while the beautiful kitty featured in the photo above is indeed awesome, she did not come with the box. You’ll have to visit your local humane shelter for a cat. Not this cat, but a similar one.)

Now, where was I-

OwlCrate subscribers received a tea tin featuring a lovely-smelling blend by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Adagio, designed exclusively for OwlCrate. (I say it’s lovely-smelling, because I have yet to taste it).

We also got a Rock Paper Books paperback edition of the original Wonderland story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, complete with matching bookmark, designed by Risa Rodil. I love this design – it’s so cute and whimsical!

The box included a Wonderland magnet by Evie Bookish, which featured an excellent quote.

One of my favorite pieces is the beautiful handmade bookmark by Authored Adornments – it has a perfect vintage vibe to it. I’m going to need to buy more of these. Or, you know, just more of Authored Adornments’ pieces in general, because they’re all wonderful and it’s too hard to choose a favorite.

Last, but never least, the novel! Heartless by Marissa Meyer!!! I love love LOVE Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series (it’s seriously one of my all-time favorites and I came to the party pretty late) and have been waiting for Heartless. (Heartless isn’t related to the Lunar Chronicles, by the way – thought I’d clarify, just in case – but it’s written by Meyer, which means it’ll be awesome anyway.) I was going to buy it as soon as it came out, but then I remembered the theme for this month’s OwlCrate and decided to risk the wait. And looky here! Waiting paid off, because it’s here and it’s awesome and beautiful and I can’t wait to read it! (Except I’ll have to wait, because life. But that’s okay, at least I have it!)

And the cherry on top – we received an Alice in Wonderland button, too 🙂 Thanks, OwlCrate! Next month’s theme is “Epic” – looking forward to it!