The Best Damn Book Box – Horror 2016


Here it is! The Horror-themed box from The Best Damn Book Box! And let me tell you, it was delightfully frightening. I like love scary movies, but how’d the BDBB team know that I not only hate (love to hate?) clowns (okay, okay, I know this is a pretty common thing), but that I am also terrified of Pinhead from Hellraiser??? And I didn’t even see the movie – the Hellraiser fear comes from an unfortunate Halloween “incident” when I was little. And by “incident” I mean me wearing my cutesy little Princess outfit, handing out candy from my playhouse to Trick-or-Treaters, and one showing up in a Pinhead mask. Yep. That’s all it took. Poor dude. I’m pretty sure he was just a helpless teen who felt really awkward and uncomfortable for making a little girl cry and scream her head off. Anyway, I digress. Check out the spooktacular contents below!

The aforementioned Pinhead embodied in a cute little Dorbz collectible from their Vinyl Collection. Adorbz, right? He just looks so cute and happy. Looks can be deceiving.

Next up is something you might’ve seen already, since I posted a sneak peak on my Instagram yesterday – A Horror Flix pin from Two Ghouls Press! I love this little pin, because it allows me to show off my love of horror films.

Subscribers also received Fright Night “Bite Me” wax melts from Once Upon A Wick, in gruesome red – fitting.

A spooky little sticker from iRAWT.

Goosebumps collectible trading cards also from Two Ghouls Press, because both my childhood and adulthood needed that. This was a fave franchise of mine when I was younger. (Along with Are You Afraid of the Dark and Tales from the Crypt! Anyone else remember that???)

A freaky little Pennywise magnetic bookmark from Jane’s Tiny Things…*shudder* Just look at his creepy face! *covers eyes* I can’t!

Cool handmade Freddy Krueger earrings, courtesy of The Foxy Hipster (which I’ll probably save for next Halloween) AND a matching Freddy Pocket POP! Keychain!

Last, but not least, the novel! We received Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh. It has both an eerily lovely cover and an intriguing plot – can’t wait to jump into this one!

A big thank you to The Best Damn Book Box and contributors for this awesome box! Looking forward to the next one! Be sure to visit their sites and use my code BOOKSBEFOREBEDTIME for 10% off your first purchase at The Best Damn Book Box.