BookCase.Club July 2017 Review

IMG_1520Unboxing time! July’s BookCase.Club included four books – woohoo! Read on for a list of the books and each of their synopses and be sure to check out the BookCase.Club website. Each box is only $9.99 + shipping, so it’s a definite deal 😊 AND you can use my rep coupon code Bedtime15 for 15% off your purchase on any theme ❤️ And speaking of themes! This will be the last Kids-themed BookCase I receive; next month I’ll be switching to a different theme to give you all a look at what their other boxes include, so keep an eye out for that in the future 👍 

IMG_1521Please, Louise by Toni Morrison & Slade Morrison, Illustrated by Shadra Strickland (Synopsis from Simon & Schuster)
A library card unlocks a new life for a young girl in this picture book about the power of imagination, from Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison.

On one gray afternoon, Louise makes a trip to the library. With the help of a new library card and through the transformative power of books, what started out as a dull day turns into one of surprises, ideas, and imagination!

Inspired by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison’s experience working in a library as a young girl, this engaging book celebrates the wonders of reading, the enchanting capacity of the imagination, and, of course, the splendor of libraries.

IMG_1522The Last Dinosaur Egg by Andrew Hegeman (Synopsis from Amazon)
Jon and Jenny love to catch butterflies. But when something else ends up in their net – and that something turns out to be a baby dinosaur – the real excitement begins. Now they need to hide their ever-growing pet Corythosaurus while continuing to feed it more and more of its favorite food – broccoli! The tender and funny adventures that the two children get into while caring for their gentle dinosaur will captivate every child who’s ever wanted a pet.

IMG_1523What Emily Saw by Kathryn Otoshi (Synopsis from Amazon)
What Emily Saw is about a day’s discovery through the eyes of a child. Let Emily take you on an adventure you will never forget! Each new page brings an unexpected delight: mice getting married; pirates escaping from a ship-in-a-bottle; and men with red balloons having afternoon tea in the sky. But the most extraordinary realization is still to come! Recommended for ages 4 and up, What Emily Saw is an early reader book whose visual clues and simple rhyming text spark the creative young mind and is perfect for anyone who enjoys exploring the imagination.

IMG_1524Doodle All Around the World with Hello Kitty by Leigh Olsen (Synopsis from Barnes & Noble)
A brand new doodle book starring everyone’s favorite cartoon kitty! Doodle All Around the World with Hello Kitty is a super sweet, interactive doodle book themed to Hello Kitty’s travels around the world.

That’s all folks! Thank you to the BookCase.Club team! I’m looking forward to the next box ☺️💕


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